Why Trust the Mail or Mess with Stamps To
Pay Your Banister Invoice?
Pay Online and Get a Receipt by Email Now

Two Ways to Pay Online Quickly, Easily and Securely
Through Our Payment Processor, CPACharge (Affinipay)

1. eCheck (Free)- Instantly transfers payment from your personal/company checking/savings account. Enter the routing and account numbers from the bottom of a check, the amount to pay, your name, address and email, click ok, and you are done! Super simple and secure.

2. Credit Card (Surcharge Applies).

Ready to Go? Three Ways to Reach
the Affinipay Payment Portal:

Option 1: Click the Pay Invoice Button Below:

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Option 2: Scan the QR Code Below on Your Mobile Phone:

Stacks Image 279996

Option 3: Enter (or Copy and Paste) the Following Link in Your Browser:


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